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1st Class Shuttle has adopted a Zero

Tolerance Policy pertaining to all drivers while  

on duty. The following standards are set forth below.


Drugs and Alcohol

    Drivers are tested annually for the presence of any drugs or alcohol in their system during their physical. They are also subject to random testing during the year. Should there be a detection of any alcohol or any illegal drug in their system during these tests, this is automatic grounds for termination.  Any prescription drugs or any over the counter drugs taken for any sickness must be cleared by a doctor before driving. ANY failed drug/alcohol test will be immediate grounds for termination.



    Drivers are expected to obey all posted speed limit signs.  Drivers are expected to adhere to any changes in normal posted speed limit signs due to construction or any incidents which require a reduction in normal posted speed.  The use of any hand held devices such as cell phones, I pads, tablets are strictly prohibited while driving

At all times, attention should be focused on your driving and the surrounding traffic.

    Citations issued for any of the above infractions or for ANY moving violation while on duty will be dealt with as follows:  Any driver cited for ANY moving violation shall be required to attend a Defensive Driving course that is certified by the state at their expense.  They shall also face a 1 week suspension from duty without pay.  Should a Driver receive a second violation within a 2 year period, this will be immediate grounds for termination.                              

Zero Tolerance Policy

To file a complaint about a driver give us a call.

Office hours 9am to 1pm Monday-Friday.

1st Class Shuttle Express is Licensed, Insured and

Complies with Federal Airport Regulations.

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